I'm an abstract painter that is inspired by the natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest region. I translate those landscapes, colors and textures into an abstract representation through my paintings. I try to create an otherworldliness to the natural landscapes. What captivates me is the world of magic, it parallels how each piece comes into creation, using specific incantations in a sanctified environment. There is a force that is acting on the materials that guides the creation, and I'm there simply to observe and help guide the results as a conduit for what needs to be created.                                 


The process of creating art, is ritualistic by nature. As an artist, I begin by clearing my studio, physically and energetically, from the previous works that I’ve created. With the space now cleansed, the new piece starts to manifest; colors, materials, canvas and supplies specific to the new creation are selected. As I begin, a channel for the transmission of creative source enters the space and the piece comes alive. This process is what brings me back to the studio, again and again, to witness and be a part of, the birth of a new creation.


I'm a Seattle based professional artist. I create a variety of mediums, sizes and textures. Some of my preferred mediums include; ink, gold flake and resin on wood panel, as well as acrylic, with heavy texture and gold/silver/copper leafing on stretched canvas. Many of the canvas or wood panels I use are 1.5” depth for a prominent look. I make pieces on a consistent basis and do commission work as well. I can work with any size, shape, material and price range when doing a commissioned piece.


Any project I am faced with, I use my knowledge of artistic principles that I have learned in art school and experienced in my professional life. I love the challenge of conquering a new design idea and deciding the medium that best represents the project as a whole. I have seven years of professional experience as a painter. I received my B.F.A. from Boise State University.